Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A funny

Today I was in my room taking a quick 15 to put on my face and breathe before the day started.  Jason was running around with the girls in the living room and bellowing in his best alto, "Who let the dogs out! Who! WHO! WHO! WHO?!"

Then I hear Tessa in her cutsie soprano voice, "Mommy did."  (We have a lab and my brother who lives here has a bull terrier and a yorkie.  So 3 dogs whom I usually let out fifteen hundred times a day.)

Jason again, "Who let the dogs out! Who! WHO! WHO! WHO?!"

And Tessa sounding just a bit annoyed with her beloved daddy, "Moooommmy DID!"

Jason kept singing, Tessa kept answering and I kept laughing.  It made it really hard to finish my mascara because of all the giggling I was doing; but was it worth it?  Every second!

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