Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Celebration Giveaway Extravagan-ZA!

Here's the Loot!  I am thrilled to give away this assortment of goodies, see the pretty tote in the back there.  Ooooeeeee, so exciting!  Read on...

There are so many things to celebrate here I decided to roll them all into one big ol' Celebration Giveaway Extravagan-ZA!  First of all, today is my 31st birthday.  Hooray!  I am happy to be alive and healthy and I am hopeful for a spectacular year! 

Second,  I have officially opened my Etsy shop.  I do hope you'll come visit me there.

Hooray again!!  The "Plus 2" is to honor my two fantastically frilly daughters.  Haha!  The first items I have listed are really fun totes like this one I made specifically to give away here.  Right now, the shop is a tad bit empty, but I couldn't resist revealing it as soon as possible.  Don't fret, I will be adding many more FRILLY FROUFY items soon, so be sure to check back when you can.

This tote is made from a heavyweight canvas-type material which I tea-dyed, washed then line dried.  Smells so yummy off the line, love that!  (Took all of 5 minutes in the 114 degree heat yesterday.)    I added these handmade fabric flowers.

And some really lovely laces.  The taupe-y colored lace goes around the back also.  A new applique I scored recently, I love how it looks like a medalion.

Add all that together and it makes for a great tote.  I made myself a pink one that I simply LOVE, perfect with my everyday jeans and white tee.

Here are some closeups of the rest of the items in the Giveaway:

And last but not least, my favorite reason to celebrate... YOU!  I have reached almost 100 followers.  Triple Hooray!!!  If that isn't a good reason to boogiewoogie to a good song, I don't know what is.  :)  I thank eack and every one of you for coming here to look at my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment when you can.  You really make my days special!

Here is a list of the items in my
Celebration Giveaway Extravagan-ZA!
Frilly Frou Frou Tote
4 - 8.5"x11" pieces of wallpaper
Wallpaper border piece
Vintage Happy Birthday tissue/wrap
Handmade pink flower w/ velvet leaves
Shop window card
Hankie w/ coral crochet border
Rose doily
Millenery Rose
5 book sheets Vintage German calligraphy
5 sheets Vintage dictionary
5 sheets French poetry
5 sheets Vintage Greggs Shorthand
2 white lace pieces
Silver rick rack piece
(And a whole lotta LOVE!)

To ENTER... all you have to do is comment here
(1 time).
For extra entries you may:
~ Follow my blog (or be a current follower)
~ Link to my Giveaway in a blog post, include first photo
~ Link to my Giveaway in your sidebar, include first photo
~ Like my Etsy Shop on Facebook
Then comment 1 time and let me know how many entries (up to 5) qualify you for the Giveaway.
A winner will be chosen, verified and announced September 24th.

Clear as mud?  Hee hee, had to put that in there.  Thank you again for visiting and for making this so fun for me, hope you enjoy playing in the Celebration Giveaway Extravagan-ZA.

Truly and affectionately yours,  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sewing Slipper & Curly Cuties

Oh my dear goodness it's been awhile since my last post.  My husband has been working out of town for 5 weeks, so I have been staying quite busy with my girls.  He is home now (and off work after 32 days straight) for a week and then gone again until Labor Day weekend.  So thankful he has work though, we can not complain.  In the mean time, I have been crafting and creating into the wee hours much to my heart's desire.

I made this sewing slipper to swap in my Marie Antoinette Mail Art group.  Our hostess, the sweet and super craft savvy, Melanie provided us with a fabulous example and tutorial.

I cut up a vintage lace and embroidered doily to use on the vamp of the slipper.

I have been saving this metal shoe "buckle" clip for just the right project.  I'm so glad I came across it while I was searching for embellishments, its a perfect fit.  I used blue velvet trim under the buckle for a soft pop of color.

The base fabric is a very pale blue satin.

The slipper opens up to reveal felt spaces to hold sewing pins and needles.

Love this bow trim!

Then I tied the slipper closed and filled it with a few fun notions, some wide lace and a pretty hankie.  I searched and searched for pretty vintage scissors to no avail.  Ah well.  My 4 year old loved the slipper so much she desperately wanted to try it on.  I disallowed it, but I saw the draw she had to such a pretty little satin slipper.  Wouldn't it be nice wear a pair of these around?

Here is a photo of my little Curly Cuties.  I did their hair in sponge rollers for church a couple weeks ago.  Their locks were just-a-bouncin when they walked, so fun to have girls (with curls)!

Love and BIG ol hugs,