Monday, September 27, 2010

Side by Side MMSC73

Ready to see my card and
this week's Midnight Madness Sketch?

So can you tell I like polka-dots?  Lots of different dots here.  :)  A couple of fun things on this simple card. . . I Glossy Accented the red swing set to make it really shine.  I used a silver pen to go over the "chains" for a little sparkle.  And my fav, "the silver lining" of glitter glass on the funky clouds. 

I was thrilled to use an adorable Rachelle Anne Miller stamp from our Weekly Bonus Sponsor, PaperWorks Co.  They prize they are offering is RAM's brand new Fall set of 6 stamps.

Totally adorable!  Wish I could enter.  :)

The "Side by Side" stamp set I used came with a cute sentiment. 
 Here is how I used it on the inside of my card:
I cut out and used the little birdie from the stamp on the inside of my card.

And now for the sketch. . .

This week's is "YOUR PICK."  Make it fancy, clean and simple, or somewhere in-between. Remember to click on the sneak peek button on the side bar for the following weeks sketch each Friday.

Enter one style or both this week.
Just have fun and come play with us :)

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Love and Hugs Friends! 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Of Corsets Love MMSC72

It's time for Midnight Madness!!  I'll start right off with my card this we go!

I was tickled when I took the above photo because I picked up the twinkle of the rhinestones and some of the glitter glass.  Woo hoo!!  I got to choose my image this week.  So exciting, because I have been dying to use this Corset digi stamp from the Priscilla Styles Store.

I printed it twice.  Once on pink and again onto word-type cardstock.  Then I trimmed around the very edge of the pink to make a base, and around each section of the word-type which I then attached to the pink base.  Then I pierced the corset's digi gromet holes and sewed her up.  :)  Such a gorgeous and fun image to play with!

A little glitter glass on chipboard, and some seam binding on the side.  Voila!

This weeks's "YOUR PICK" Make it fancy, clean and simple, or somewhere in-between. Remember to click on the sneak peek button on the side bar for the following weeks sketch each Friday.

Enter one style or both this week.
Just have fun and come play with us :)

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Monday, September 13, 2010

MMSC71 Castles in the Sand

Oh how I love Midnight Madness time!  (That's late Monday night, or Tuesday morning if you haven't noticed my posts by now.)  I think I said I love MM release last week too, but I can't help myself, it's so darn exciting.  Ha ha!  I got to use a digi-stamp from our monthly sponsor, Sunshine and Giggles, on my card for this week.

This weeks's "YOUR PICK" Make it fancy, clean and simple, or somewhere in-between. Remember to click on the sneak peek button on the side bar for the following weeks sketch each Friday.

Enter one style or both this week.
Just have fun and come play with us :)
The best way to get a jump start on these challenges is to check out the SNEAK PEAK. :) Next week's sketch is posted on the blog. Too cool don't ya think?

You wouldn't guess that Tattered Rose Stickles would make the perfect sand castle, but that's what I used here.  Pretty neat, huh?  They are Distress Stickles so they are muted, but still sparkly like sand.

Then I did a fun little lollipop flower/sunshine with a glitter paper layer for a cool twist.

Thought I would share a photo of my little cuties playin' in the sand.  This first one is my big girl Tessa (all of three and a half years old).

And this is the one I caught of Izzy (just turned two).  That girl is a hard one to photo!

Lots of summer fun was had that day including throwing water balloons!  I think I almost had more fun than they did.  :)  Anyhow, I really hope you try out the sketch this week.  Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to pop over to our weekly sponsor, Gurlee Girl.  (Stinkin adorable stamps there!)

Take care and have a wonderful week!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Egg Carton Swap

Good day fellow blogland friends!  Hope you are having the best kind of Saturday you can.  :)  For the moment my girls are playing blissfully, so I thought I would sneak in a post.  Lots of photos here just to warn ya.

My friend Alex hosted an Egg Carton Swap with the local scrapbooking group I run.  Each player chose a style & colors she would like to receive, and then we did a PIF (pay it forward) swap.  I created a "Shabby Chic/Vintage/Floral style" egg carton for Laura P.

I filled the inside with bits and bobs for Laura to use in her crafting. 

Here is a close up of the pocket I made for the inside of the lid which I filled with larger paper tags and such. 

Look at the gorgeous wrapping Alex did on the carton she made for me.

I love how she did the top of the carton for me.
Of course I know right away when I saw that Alex was my partner that I was in store for some really beautiful surprises!

I had a wonderful time making my carton for Laura.  Luckily our styles mirror each other and I was able to create something I would have loved to receive.  She wasn't able to make it to the event, so it is still waiting at my desk for her.  Hope she likes it.  I am downright giddy with my little beauty from Alex.  She is the epitomy of lovely creations!  Haha!


Monday, September 06, 2010

Strawberry Midnight Madness!

Sounds like I am sitting here eating a carton of Strawberry ice cream in my jammies huh?  Well I wish!

I'll just be off for my spoon now, but I will leave you with Midnight Madness!  Woo hoo!!  Every week I really look forward to releasing my card to you here.  Also, I am so proud I got two posts in this week before Tuesday rolled around again.  Hee hee!  Hope you got to see those, and that you enjoyed them.

I had the pleasure of using the most wonderful "Strawberries" digital image from our weekly sponsor, McMahon Five Designs.

First a close up of this yummy digi-stamp with the beading and fun, poofy layering I did.

And this is the front of the card.  The sentiment reads, "The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit."

Okay, so the black scrolly surrounding rectangle is a clear acetate transparency sheet which is attached only at the top of the card, and opens to reveal the inside.

Here is this weeks amazing's "YOUR CHOICE" Make it fancy, clean and simple, or somewhere in-between.  You can see that I rotated the sketch for my card.

Enter one style or both this week.
Just have fun and come play with us :)

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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Summer and Halloween Cards

Just a quick post to share some cards with you.  I made these for "A Year of Cards" swap we did for the local scrapbook group I run.  We each signed up for a different month and made 12 cards in that month's theme to swap with the others gals.  When we were done we had a gorgeous selection of cards for the whole year.  There were two different sets of 12 gals, so I signed up for August in one set, and for October in the other set.  The cards I made are extremely simple, but I like how they turned out.



The Halloween images are from a Crafty Secrets booklet that I got from Mystic Paper.  Just to let you know, I am waiting for my September kit still.  The owner, Jennifer, is waiting for some new holiday stuff to come in before the kits are assembled! (I know... Super exciting right??)  I promise to share as soon as I get it.

Love and hugs to all!!
Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Trinkets and Treasures Trump Crazy Town

Last week was a total whirlwind let me tell ya!  My husband was called out of town to work.  Work out of town is much better than no work at all, so I can not complain.  Okay maybe I can just a little because he wasn't home for my 30th birthday.  :(  It was hard without him, but my parents came to visit with an ice cream cake and personal, pampering presents.  (Side note: God bless all you mother's out there, I never realized what hard, servant's work it is.)  My hubby sent the most beautiful exotic looking flowers I have ever seen.  Which was so unexpected and out of his "thrifty" character I balled!  :)

Then Wednesday I prepared and taught a pretty detailed make n' take to some of the gals in the local scrapbook group I run.  Thursday I packed and loaded my car with 2 projects with looming due dates (and all the stuff I might need to create them), everything for my daughter's 2nd birthday including the stuff to make decorations, and of course my baby girls!  That night and Friday I finished up and turned in the projects.  Saturday I made decorations and got ready for the party.  Still no hunny yet.  He arrived 40 minutes into my daughter's party.

Then after the 2.5 hour party, we got in the car and drove back to Phoenix to celebrate my birthday with friends.  We drove through the craziest rainstorm I have ever seen.  And all on curves with no pull-off areas.  (Luckily we didn't make it to Phoenix earlier as there was a 69 car pile up from the sun shining on the wet  freeway.)

So party time (10 of us!) and I ate cotton candy and rode the Mechanical Bull at a place called Saddle Ranch.  Hahahahaha!  Isn't that cool?  Now I have that thing, that story to remember about my milestone day.  (And still the bruises to prove it this week.)  We stayed in a 4 star near the restaurants and clubs and with out the girls, I got to sleep in until 9:30am!!  Then back to my mom's house to pick up my girls, who by the time we get there are at a friend's, son's birthday which we stay and hang out at too.

Finally Sunday night we are home again, home again jiggity jog...

So I owe you pictures of my flowers, my make n take, my 1 project (the other was the Halloween card I posted), Izzy's birthday, and the bull ride. (still laughing?)  But for now, some pretties.

In the midst of the craziness last weekend I was able to go to the yard sales with my dad.  And I swear the Lord gave me the desires of my heart.  All week I had been literally dreaming about Friday yard sales and hoping for and imagining old costume jewelry, old books (I'm on a quest for a ledger), and paper dolls.  Above is the jewelry I found.  The aquas and pearls are my favorites.  The shoe buckles will be perfect for a Halloween Shoe swap I am in for my Marie Antoinette Mail Art group.

And check out these amazing books!  No ledger, but two are FRENCH! One is a novel in French and the other is a leather covered French Proununciation Dictionary from 1808!!  (Aaaaahhhhh!)  Then another with poetic verse and frilly print on each page.  The last is Pear Culture, a manual with beautifully drawn pear and tree figures, circa 1850's  And to think I almost didn't get out of the car!!  My dad was looking out for my when he saw the old books, and called to me saying "bring money" when he saw the French.  Hee hee.
Gotta love crusty old books!

I leave you with a close up of my favorite finds.  You'll have to come back tomorrow to see my cool paper dolls as I forgot to photograph them and now it is dark.

Love ya!  Thanks for visiting.  :)