Wednesday, February 22, 2012

blue, MISS you

So much to share in this post.  :)  First, my lovely and talented friend Mary gave away a $25 gift certificate to Saturated Canary Digis on her birthday.  Isn't she the sweetest?  Well guess what, I won.  Boy was I tickled too, as I had been coveting admiring them as I watched her color some of these beautiful, fun images.

So here is my first creation with one of the digis I got called Honey.  I made it for the Saturated Canary Challenge #11 to make a card that is neither square nor rectangle.

I love this digi SO much because of these pictures I have of my older daughter Tessa (now 5!) in my brother's combat boots.  These were taken a couple years ago when he lived with us.

She stole them as he was getting ready to leave for work.

And then she began to pose.

So anyhow, I'm going to send this card to my brother who is still in the Air Force, but is currently stationed in Korea.

You know what they say about clouds right?  This photo shows off the sparkle a little better.

She sure was fun to color.

Especially these boots!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy.  Yes.

Happy I get the chance to create.
Happy I get to give.  It has always blessed my heart to put together presents and surprises for others.  This heart I made went to Kris for a MAMA swap.

Happy I found a bunch of Vintage Valentine Postcards at an antique store last year.  I have been having all kinds of fun with them.  Here I shrunk one to add to the heart's pocket.  I so need to share them, I completely forgot this year.  Maybe I will do a belated Love Post.

So happy my daughter (honest to goodness) read her first word this morning.  It was LOVE, read off a conversation heart.  She must have remembered it from last week when we were writing Valentine cards to her preschool friends.  I wrote it out for her to look at and copy.  And today she held out her candy and said, "Does this say 'LOVE?'"

Happy Valentine's Day

**Happy 100th Birthday Arizona!**  Oh Arizona, yes, the Grand Canyon State.  We all adore you and think you are great.  Your sunsets have a magic gleam, Arizona bring us a dreeeeaaamm!  Sorry, I break into song every so often... I'm lying it happens all the time.  That one is from 5th grade choir.  Heehee!

Happy, delighted, giddy, overwhelmed with joy that I get to stay home with my little girls.  Tessa starts kindergarten this year, yikes.  I am so taking advantage of this special time with my itty bitties.  I made them heart shaped cinnamon rolls this morning.  Pinterest idea.

Sharing this with you makes me happy. Thank you for letting me, and a happy day to you!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Tea Stained Cone

I am acquiring a strong affection for creamy neutrals.  It was such a delight to feed my desires when I made this cone for Rhonda for a Valentine swap with my Marie Antoinette Mail Art group.  Imagine my glee when she requested a tea-stained color theme.

This cone is so fun in person because when you twist it, it sways almost flapper-like.

I made these flowers out of strips of tea-stained fabrics.

The inside is covered with vintage sheet music.

This back view shows the base, damask looking fabric I upcycled from a dress I bought at Goodwill.  I was so please with how nicely the different patterns turned out in the tea bath.  Also, it was a bit stretchy which made it much easier when I covered the cone.

A crystal attached to the bottom of the cone.  Sweet Rhonda said she hung it in her window to catch the light, clever gal! 

And here are the goodies I stuffed inside.

A  heart tin/jello mold filled with trim, buttons and a "7" for Rhonda's lucky number.

This little bag was filled with several different laces and trims.  This taupey, iridescent sequin trim is one of my favorites.

 Hand wrapped Dove chocolates, lace and extra tea-stained fabrics.

And last but not least, itty bitty Valentines that I copied from all my vintage postcards.  Such fun to create!