Monday, October 29, 2012

Altered Cabinet Card Swap ~ Halloween

I recently participated in an Altered Cabinet Card Swap at Caroline Outz-Hay's blog.  Oh... my... goodness... did I ever have fun with this project!  I have lots of cabinet cards from my great-grandfather's things, and they were calling me to play, big time.  Here is the one I chose for the card I made for my partner Kim.

I love how great the two ladies black outfits worked with the Halloween theme.

They are looking at some type of book, spells maybe?  Hee hee!

We were also set to create a pocket for the card.  After days of thought on what to do, (haha) I came up with a sort of quilted pumkin pocket.  

A gauzy silk and lace bow.

And a gauzy flower with black velvet leaves.

The stem opens at the rhinestone button to slip in the card.  Here it is, above, tucked inside.
Such a fun fun project!  Thank you so much Caroline for hosting.  And thank you Kim for my beautiful card and pocket.  They are my very favorite things I have up this year.  My VERY FAVORITE!  You can see what Kim made me at her blog ArtJoyStuff.  I truly love them!