Friday, January 29, 2010

Fancy Schmanzy ~ Stitches!?

The guests for Tessa's party were asked to wear fancy attire.  That's a fancy word for clothes.  :)  So of course, the I dressed the birthday girl up too.  I got her a new pink and purple tutu with faux rose petals sewn into one of the poofs.  Her yellow top with the iridescent butterfly fit perfectly into the Fancy Nancy theme.  She begged for a little of the makeup she got from the ER two weeks ago.

Oh yes, I haven't told that story yet.  Tessa was running around the house with a booster seat strapped to her hiney one afternoon.  It was hilarious, and she knew it.  Through my giggles I kept thinking, I should get up, chase her, and take that thing off; she's probably going to hurt herself.

I stood up, walked to the island to grab something, heard the BAM, SPLAT sound and screaming.  She had tripped and fallen into the coffee table.  (Which is pushed into a corner, somewhat out of the way.  My husband and I had talked of moving it into storage even that week.  Uggh, regret.)

She stopped screaming fairly quickly and I surveyed the damage.  Her bicuspid cut completely through the corner of her top lip.  A mortifying trip to the ER followed.  I don't know why, because I am totally the emotional, cry at the drop of a hat gal, but taking my girls for shots and things doesn't phase me. . . until afterwards.  I guess God gives me strength when I need it and release of tears later when it won't affect them.

They had to immobilize her by putting her arms in the opening of a pillowcase and twist wrapping her like a burrito with a long sheet.  One nurse leaned on her body, one held her head, and the third put in 2 stitches.

Afterward, they let her choose a prize and she picked the makeup over the stationary.  She was very excited for her first makeup set ever.  She is obsessed with chapstick.

I just pray with all my heart she is not phased by this unfortunate event.  She warns everyone about the dangers of the coffee table and getting an "owie" now.  But the stitches were out in time for her party and the fancy, glitter lip gloss (be it from the ER) was the perfect touch to her "posh" outfit.


want2win2 said...

you make any story great! u should be a writer!! glad shes all better...they had to do the burrito to cole too but it didnt work and ended up knocking him out when he was 1 for his stitches on his forehead.~Beth

Mary Brockway said...

I just love those pics of Tessa. So pretty, your girl!