Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh how I love fLoWeRs!

Now for some true scrap talk. . .

Below is a simple flower I made, first I punched out the design with my Paper Shapers flower punch. Then I cut a circle to go behind it. I distressed the edges with the side of my "knife" file. Next I turned the file and basically sawed little lines in the white core cardstock.

The next flower is probably the most fun and creatively rewarding embellishment you will ever make. Yes. I REALLY love making these. Mary showed me how to do these about 2 months ago now, and the finished product still impresses me every time I make one. It's a lollipop flower.

1. Cut graduated circles.
2. Use file to really rough up the edge of each circle.
3. Stack the circles.
4. Poke a hole through the center with a paper piercer, and attach a brad.
5. Moisten the circles by spraying with glimmer mist or plain water.
**The fun part ---> 6. Crumple and crinkle to your little heart's desire. TIP: It helps to do each layer separately.
7. Once you have it how you like, use a heat embosser gun/tool to dry and set.
(You can also add some paint in blotches before or after you heat set.) I love how it comes out all crunchy and just too cool!

Now you have a perfect embellishment, custom made to fit the design and colors layout. Oh, that reminds me, I have a color challenge I promised I would work on tonight. Gotta run!


Young Love, True Love

Name the artist who sang the tune that inspired this layout title. . .

Young love, strong love, true love,
It's a new love,
We're gonna make it through the hard times,
and walk those lines.
Yeah, these ties will bind, young love.

Need more help? Here are the full song lyrics. No cheating!

She was sitting cross-legged on a hood of a Ford.
Filing down her nails with a emory board
Talking to her friends about people they knew
And all of the things that young girls do

When she said, "you see that guy in the baseball cap?
I'd like to spend some time with a boy like that."
Betty said, "i've seen him at the hardware store.
I think his name is Billy, but i'm not sure."

And as they talked a little while he passed by
She smiled at him he just said "hi."
He was thinking to himself as he walked away
Man, I'd like to find a girl like her someday

(chorus)Young love, strong love, true love
It's a new love
Their gonna make it through the hard times
Walk those lines
Yeah, these ties will bind
Young love

Well, she just couldn't stop herself from thinking 'bout him
And at a store downtown she saw him again
She had both hands full, he held open the door
He said, "My name is Billy." I've seen you before.

Can I help you with these? Can I give you a ride?
Can I take you out on a saturday night?"
She didn't have to say what she was feeling inside
He could see the answer shining in her eyes

Well, from that day on you couldn't keep them apart
They were side by side, heart to heart
Mama cried as Billy slipped the ring on her hand
And when the baby was born she was crying again

Well, he worked real hard and put some money down
On a little old house at the edge of town
And that night as he held her he couldn't believe
That God had made a girl that he'd never ever leave

Any guesses? I just loved this song so much I had to post the entire thing. It reminds me of high school for some reason. Probably because my best friend Sara went to the concert. Oh wow!! I almost gave away the answer. That was a close one.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

PINK blog candy!!!

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

* ~ bebe bum ~ *

I absolutely could not resist photographing, documenting, and commemorating this cute little bebe bum.

My journaling reads:

tub a lub tummy
peeking out
fluffy, cottonball
cheeks, dimpled
rolly-polly thighs
and knees even
drumstick calves
and teensy feet.

what's not to love
about your baby

K&Co bg & scallop strips, MM journal sheet, Stamp from Joanns, pink chalk, Tim Holtz Black Soot Distress ink (wet paint brush technique), ? on the polka dot paper: I'll have to look, but I remember being surprised and also that it said 2005. Yes, my name is Holly and I am a paper hoarder.

Friday, July 03, 2009

We've Only Just Begun

To live...

White lace and promises
A kiss for luck and we're on our way
And yes, we've just begun.

I fell in love with this picture of my mom. She is just fresh and beautiful, young and lovely. She looks relaxed, but almost embarrassed by being photographed. If I could talk to her in this picture I would tell her, "Snap out of it girl! You are going to be one amazing woman."

I found a photo of the Carpenters album online, printed it, cropped out the Carpenters and placed it over an adorable pic of Mom and Dad. Lovin' the overalls.

My dad looks so "Campy," it's the perfect photo to show his personality. Like, "I am MAN, hear me ROAR!"

It was totally an accident that the "white lace" fit right in with the lyrics on this page. I added it because I liked it, then the light bulb went off like, "Hey, white lace... Yeah I so meant to do that, right..." :) I sprayed it with antique lace Glimmer Mist for a cool, muted glittery effect.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A 2 year old's 1st adventures with Lipstick

I am so lucky the cable guy told on Tessa, ("Um... I think somebody got into some makeup..." & Tessa is slinking down the hallway looking away from me like "I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, can't prove anything.") I'm pretty sure if not for the tattle-tailer :) our walls would have been covered in oily pink doodles. I'm also pretty sure he was breathless from stifling laughter when I, instead of getting mad and wiping her down, ran for my camera and let her smear more all over her face while I snapped away urging "Cheese, Cheese!"

Heather's Audrey poster with the vibrant red LIPS made a perfect back drop for my little movie star!

"Owl"ways & 4 ever

My sister in law's fascination with owls for my cute little nephew, Killian, has carried over into my style. I love owls! That's why I had to highlight the owl decor in my parents first house.

There is a lot to talk about on these two pages, so I'll just start right in.

First notice ~ I 'heart' Thickers for titles. They have to be just the best line of alphabet stickers created IMHO. These are vinyl ones, so 70's right?

Then... notice the paper pieced owl. I have to admit, I didn't design this cutie myself, but I made it grand. (I think anyway.) I found it on a project in the gallery of my favorite online scrapbooking store: A Cherry on Top The special parts are the eyes and the breast of the bird. I made my own patterned paper using the image of the yellow and orange mushroom contact paper on the cabinet in my mom's first kitchen. Then all the layers are pop-dotted (poofy dots I call 'em) to make it come alive in 3D.

Next... I used song lyrics that had been bouncing around in my head for a while as the journaling. "Oh put a record on, and play my favorite song. Oh baby just let your hair hang down." Something like that anyway, they fit perfectly with these pictures. (There is a record player behind my dad, and my mom's hair was so so so long.)

The writing on the back of the roses picture said 1st anniversary. ;) So special. I love the old chair and the crazy poster in the background. My mom had that owl cookie jar for the longest time. I remember it when I was a tween at least. There is also an owl hanging thing decorating the wall. I zoomed these and printed them as extra embellishments. How cute, my mom in the kitchen. She still has that blender and those measuring spoons hanging on the wall. Goes to show, they don't make stuff like they used to...