Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013

I am so excited to take part for my very first time ever in this years Where Bloggers Create.  This has inspired me to get back to blogging more often.  I miss it!  I have been crafting away, but I miss the writing and the connection.  I can't wait to see everyone's inspiring posts!  Here it goes with mine (photo heavy) I had fun with this, though the lighting was frustrating so the pictures are a bit blurry.  Sorry!  Have fun!

One of my favorite collections (okay, I have lots of favorite collections!).

Stickers, Thickers, and other alphas

Trying to make my space more Project Life friendly.  I plan to start in January 2014.

I love my tins and spice jars full of vener.

8 Track holder turned ink pad rack.

I made this fun tray!  Gotta fill it up more, for now I am just loving it.  :)

Journals and Smash books.

Metals and blacks.

Pastel, 3-D pretties.
A few of my old books, and magazine bins full of my Somersets.

Ever changing cubbies.

My new washi storage.  They were in a cubby above, but the one I wanted was forever in the back.  This is a jewelry/tackle box with the lid removed, stuck in a drawer.

Another bookselve full of things I love.

More crepe paper, string, chipboard, hankies, appliques, chandelier crystals, old special laces.

I think...I like tins...a little.

Just put these all up today, made me smile.  The silver one that looks blank is actually a mirror.

In the closet.  The pretty side. Fabrics by color and my sewing box.

My pride and joy.  This took forever!

And ever!

The messy side of the closet. (Doesn't look too bad actually.)

 Oh here we go... KEEPIN' IT Real!
The floor after I cleaned off the top of the bookcase today.

 Keepin' it REALLY REAL...
Lots and lots of empty storage containers.  I can't seem to get rid of them.  There is also a TV off to the right.  My little girls play and snack in here too (see the pink tray?).

There you have it.  I call it my happy place.  It's a work in progress, coming along.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Sorry again for the awful photos.
Thanks for stopping by.  XXXX!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You SPIN me Right Round

My card for the "LOVE" challenge at Saturated Canary dedicated to the one I love... my handsome hunk of a hubby!

I had a little fun with her hair and loved using the neon in her headphones.  I even managed to use my {hoarded} hot pink vintage snaps as embellishments.

This digi is DJ Luv and comes with a sweet boy DJ too.  I decided to save him though because he reminds me of my little brother, an Air Force F15 crew chief, wearing his ear defenders and this card isn't about that brotherly kind of love.  Heehee!

Gotta love lyrics for card sentiments, and anyone who knows me knows I forever have a song on the brain (okay, usually spilling out of my mouth); quite often multiple songs at once.

I'll leave the rest unsaid... you know how it goes.  :)  Happy Hump day y'all!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Secret to Friendship...

...Is being a good listener.

I am so very thankful for the amazing people in my life who know this secret.  And they still love and respect me.  Now that's friendship!  I strive to be better at listening everyday, it's hard for this born-talker though.

This is my take on the Saturated Canary challenge #36.