Monday, January 03, 2011

Secret Crazy Quilt Stocking

Oi, sorry for being gone so long y'all.  I missed the writing and the sharing and the reading, glad to be back for sure.

So our whirlwind of Holidays from Halloween to the New Year has finally ended.  Everyone say, "Awwwwww!"  :)  Hope you are filling your time with lots of fun and friends.  I know I do after all the bustle is over, I just gotta keep it going a lil bit. Ha!

I took part in a Secret Santa Stocking Swap over at my Marie Antoinette Mail Art group.  I couldn't share until now because I was keeping the surprise from the gal I sent to, Kris.  The whole process of making this stocking was completely wonderful.  I loved choosing the fabrics and machine piecing them, hand sewing the trims, and embroidering too, with some new stictches I've never tried and metallic floss.  Too FUN!!  By the time I finished it I was stroking it like a baby, I loved it so much.

I was thrilled to learn that not only did Kris love the stocking, she was absolutely downright delighted, especially with the fact it is a crazy-quilt because... she quilts!  And I didn't even know.  I love when those little coincidences (aka God Winks) happen.  Makes me smile.

Another of these stockings is definitely in my future.  Of course I'll need a "Round Tuit" first. ~wink~


debi said...

Holly, the stocking you created is absolutely dreamy. I'm so impressed with all the beautiful fabrics, trims and stitches. Stunning!

vikki said...

This is totally gorgous and I am wanting to make one for me when I get a round tuit.