Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day ~ 1950's style

I present to you another treasure from my grandfather's boxes.  This is a vintage valentine circa 1951. 

I love the inside nearly as much as the front.  You could use this image for wedding cards also.  Do I love it? Yes I do!

This card was mailed from my great-grandmother to my grandpa.

Funny how us mommas love our kiddos like nothin' else huh? My mom sent a valentine package for our family this year. Chocolate & books & stickers & lots of fun goodies.  After church today, the girls and I ate Sweethearts while we made cute foam ladybugs that I got from my scrappy secret pal.  It's so fun to be a kid again through the girls.  I have to admit, it's even better this time around seeing them experience the little things I have begun to take for granted.

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