Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Calm ~ Part Deux

So after hitting the thrift stores Monday, Mary and I drove across town to meet Alex for lunch.  We showed her a sandwich & coffee place/yoga studio called Inside the Bungalow.

Adorable and perfect for even more soul cleansing time out with my girls.  :)  But most of all, Yummo!  Very simple.  Very good.  Alex and I had the Gobble it Up sandwich with turkey, avocados, and tasty pesto.  Smart Mary was thinking about tryptophan drowsiness and opted for the Waldorf sandwich.  I also ordered a coconut flavored Italian soda which they make with cream soda vs ginger ale so it's sweeter, always a plus for me.

My girlfriends are such a huge blessing.  They are strong women and being around them is always uplifting.  It blesses me to be there for them too.  It's like I find a little piece of me when I am out with them.  That little piece becomes concrete, like a step.  Knowing who I am is helping me be a better wife and mother.  I'm so grateful.

I am also grateful for all the neat scrapbooking opportunities that have come my way.  Stay tuned tomorrow for Part Trois ~ My 3rd Mystic Paper Design Team kit.

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