Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Calm ~ Part 1

Oh hallelujah! The cliche reversed and The Calm came after The Storm.

Monday I took Izzy for a follow-up with her pediatrician.  A-Okay!  The bite did not go entirely through her tiny tongue and I got to stop giving her the antibiotics which she flat refused and were only preventative anyhow.

The good news from the doc was a start and I let the soul cleansing commence.  My friend Mary and I hit our favorite thrift stores.  I scored the most fabulously mauveish-nude colored lace trim for $0.75 and a McCall's magazine from 1970 with a Thanksgiving Betsy McCall paper doll and a Campbell's soup kid add inside for a quarter!  I was doing a little dance for only spending $1 total.

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eclectic archivist said...

I love Betsy McCall paper dolls!