Thursday, July 07, 2011

Elegant French Pouch

Remember when I shared photos with you of my gorgeous kit from Melanie?  Here is the "Elegant French Pouch" I created.  Oooh I have so much fun with these fabric projects!  I love getting to use new stuff from far away lands.  :) 

Here is a close up of the lovely Marie Antoinette printed fabric Melanie sent me.  I love the colors in it, so inspiring.  The bottom of the trim border photographed a little crooked here, but I swear it's all straight and nice in person.  (That would drive me crazy to look at.)  I had a little fun with the crinkly seam binding and made a loopy "fringe" trim for the bottom of my pouch.

The pretty rose and charm Melanie made me, and a earring clipped onto the lace.  The gold worked so nicely with the browns in the trims.

With all the decadent pretties Melanie sent, I couldn't resist totally decking out the back of my bag too.  I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the blue and rosy cream lace.

More jewelry here.  This piece is now probably one of my most favorite in my current collection.  Pink rhinestones, aaaah!

So I hope you like my little pouch.  I might wear it all around the house today, it makes me that happy.  Hee hee!



Beautiful!!! Hugs Mary

Creative Wings said...

just amazing work!

MJ Ornaments said...

So pretty Holly, and you know how I love Marie!
Take care,

Holly Loves Art said...

LOVE your little pouch and you know I adore all the colors! Just my style. :) I can just see you wearing it around the house. So cute.
Have a great weekend.

Dorthe said...

Holly, how sweet and romantically beautiful- wonderful work.

Awishdream said...

Hi Holly!..Truly a gorgeous creation you glad you like the fabrics and trims. It's always so nice to play with!
Have a great weekend dear!
Happy creating...

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Gorgeous colors and details! such a lovely piece!