Saturday, February 04, 2012

Tea Stained Cone

I am acquiring a strong affection for creamy neutrals.  It was such a delight to feed my desires when I made this cone for Rhonda for a Valentine swap with my Marie Antoinette Mail Art group.  Imagine my glee when she requested a tea-stained color theme.

This cone is so fun in person because when you twist it, it sways almost flapper-like.

I made these flowers out of strips of tea-stained fabrics.

The inside is covered with vintage sheet music.

This back view shows the base, damask looking fabric I upcycled from a dress I bought at Goodwill.  I was so please with how nicely the different patterns turned out in the tea bath.  Also, it was a bit stretchy which made it much easier when I covered the cone.

A crystal attached to the bottom of the cone.  Sweet Rhonda said she hung it in her window to catch the light, clever gal! 

And here are the goodies I stuffed inside.

A  heart tin/jello mold filled with trim, buttons and a "7" for Rhonda's lucky number.

This little bag was filled with several different laces and trims.  This taupey, iridescent sequin trim is one of my favorites.

 Hand wrapped Dove chocolates, lace and extra tea-stained fabrics.

And last but not least, itty bitty Valentines that I copied from all my vintage postcards.  Such fun to create!


Rhondamum said...

And I LOVE every, single piece of it Holly! Thank you again, so very much! xoxo Rhonda...

Bobbi Ann said...

Oh my goodness Holly the Elegant Valentine's Day Cone that you created for Rhonda is stunning! You did a fabulous job on it! It's absolutely charming! Now I see why Rhonda was so happy!
Rhonda made my cone for me and it's gorgeous! She so spoiled me!
This was a wonderful swap! You're very talented Holly and this cone is another piece that proves how talented you are!
Have a lovely evening.
Hugs and many blessings...
Bobbi Ann

Kathy said...

Simply stunning!! She is going to be thrilled.

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Holly, Oh your cone is just beautiful, love the creamy color. It is funny how beautiful cream can be, love it. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Holly!
I'm with you! I adore the neutrals too... all the soft whites and shabby chic looks are so gorgeous. LOVE your cone and all the little details.

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend.

Createology said...

Gorgeous cone and filled with such wonderful goodies. Happy Hearts...

debi huntsman said...

Your cone turned out so beautifully Holly! Love the tea stained laces. I'm sure Rhonda loved it.

Terri Daugherty said...

Oh Holly, this cone is gorgeous. I love the tea stained lace. It is so elegant and you filled it with wonderful goodies for your partner. Oooh la la!

Thanks for stopping by the other day. I almost missed your comment. So glad you liked your card!!

Hope said...

This cone is just beautiful....I LOVE it! Thanks for visiting today....and I will definitely enter you into my give away!

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

I came over from MAMA. I think we share a very similar affection for aged/bling. lol. These are just gorgeous! Don't get me wrong I do love pinks and blues sometimes, I just prefer them to be tea stained, and love cremes most of all. Thanks for sharing! Hugs!