Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

Oh I have been so excited for this Tea Cup Tuesday hosted by the wonderful Terri and Martha.  I recently participated in a tea cup and gift swap with my Marie Antoinette group and received quite a beautiful package from my partner Wanda that I couldn't wait to share.

Here is the gorgeous cup she sent me.  I was so excited about the little yellow flowers on it as the reminded me of daisies.  And Wanda didn't know, but I love daisies because I had them in my wedding.  Then the more I looked at them I thought they might rather be sunflowers or black-eyed susans.  I asked my mom who was visiting for Easter what she thought, and she said, "They are what ever you want them to be."  Isn't that the sweetest kind of mommy answer?  I deem them daisies.

This view of the back shows the gorgeous shape of the cup.  Thinkin' I need to get a tea cup collecting book so I know more about all this.

The mark is pretty.  I am always attracted to the fancier markings, funny huh?

Look how beautifully Wanda packaged up all the extra goodies.

And here is what was inside... oh yes tiny squeals of delight could not help but escape from me.  A wall hanging filled with trims and two hankies, notecards (perfect for this stationery-ista), shortbread, coasters made in England, a really gorgeous card, the tea, and more...

Like this delicious little handmade pin cushion tart.

Or these rose frosted sugar cubes. They're so darling aren't they?

I love love love the spoon. I'm so new to this tea thing, it was totally unexpected and fun.

Here is some detail on the hanging.  Wanda made the adorable velvet flowers, I just love how she put it all together.

So you can see why I was totally blissed out with my tea cup swap. Thank you again Wanda for all the work you put into every detail. (More tiny happy squeals!) Yay!  I'll be sure to join in next week too and share the cup I sent to Wanda.


Cheryl said...

oh wow what an amazing gift,these are all truly beautiful and that is one,gorgeoues tea cup you have there hun hugs cherylxxxx

Wanda said...

Holly, you are to generous In your praise, but I like it:). It makes me so happy that you loved what I sent,as I had a wonderful time making and putting things together for you. I am so glad I found your blog. I don't know if you got the link to mine I put it on your home page. I still am learning how to negotiate the MAMA site so I probably put it in the wrong place. Happy swapping. TTFN


I would love it all too! What a great swap package! Enjoy your new treasures!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

I just found your blog and love it! I'm your newest follower. And I'm excited to try making a domino book!

Terri said...

Oh yes Holly! Wanda sure did send you some beautiful items! The cup is so vintage, and it does have a fab shape. I think it is a pedestal cup that is waisted.
I am so glad you had such a good time in the swap. Me too!

Martha's Favorites said...

Wanda did send you a wonderful package. I am so glad you have joined us. This was so much fun. I look forward to getting to know you better. Blessings, Martha

Mary Brockway said...

OMGoodness! Those sugar cubes are almost too pretty to use!!! What a wonderful time you must have had opening all of that :-)

debi said...

Holly, you received some really beautiful gifts from Wanda. Beautiful tea cup and that spoon is gorgeous.
I can see why you were squealing.

Something Special said...

Oh my goodness. I can't stand it. That is one of the loveliest swaps I have ever seen. You lucky girl!