Sunday, September 05, 2010

Summer and Halloween Cards

Just a quick post to share some cards with you.  I made these for "A Year of Cards" swap we did for the local scrapbook group I run.  We each signed up for a different month and made 12 cards in that month's theme to swap with the others gals.  When we were done we had a gorgeous selection of cards for the whole year.  There were two different sets of 12 gals, so I signed up for August in one set, and for October in the other set.  The cards I made are extremely simple, but I like how they turned out.



The Halloween images are from a Crafty Secrets booklet that I got from Mystic Paper.  Just to let you know, I am waiting for my September kit still.  The owner, Jennifer, is waiting for some new holiday stuff to come in before the kits are assembled! (I know... Super exciting right??)  I promise to share as soon as I get it.

Love and hugs to all!!
Happy Labor Day Weekend!!