Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paper Rose Tutorial

Y'all ready for this?  There are quite a few photos, but I wanted my tutorial to be really detailed.  I hope you enjoy making these paper roses as much as I do.

Here is a close up of the finished project.

  • You start with 3 flower cut-outs.  (Punched, die-cut or even freehand drawn.  I die-cut mine with my Slice.  That way I could do several different size roses.) I used a 5 petal flower, but I'm sure you can modify the instructions to work with a 6 petal flower.
  • Cut a slice to the middle in the first flower.
  • Cut 1 petal out of the second flower.
  • Cut 2 petals out of the last flower.
  • Save the cut out pieces.  You'll use them as your flower center.
  • Ink the edges of all the pieces with Distress Ink.
  • Overlap and glue 2 of the petals from the first (sliced) flower.
  • A couple tips at this point:
    • Be careful not to overglue because later the glimmer mist will not stick to any glue that has seeped out and dried.
    • The pattern you want to show should be on the inside.  In  my case, the rosey pattern under my thumb.
  • Overlap and glue together 2 of the petals from the 4 petal piece of the second flower. (below)

  • Overlap and glue together 2 of the petals from the 3 petal piece of the third flower. (below) 

  • So these are what your three glued pieces should look like now.

  • For the 2 smaller pieces, I bent the bottom, pointy tip under which gives you a surface to glue them together inside of each other.
  • Depending on the project for your roses, you might also want to bend the tip of the large piece to allow you to adhere it to a flat surface.
  • **In a couple days, I will post a 3-D project in which I did not bend the large piece and you'll see why.
  • Next roll the 1 petal and the 2 petal small scraps as pictured below.  (The smaller one will be tighter.)
  • TIP:  The color you want showing will be on the outside for these two small pieces.  Notice my rosey print now.
  • Glue the smaller piece into a tight spiral.  Allow to dry.
  • Glue an edge of the 2 petal piece to the small, tight spiral.
  • Leave this 2nd piece rolled a bit looser and glue the other edge.
  • Trim about 1/3 of this glued piece off the end.  Otherwise it will stick out of the rose too much.

  • Now you glue all the pieces together to look like this.

  • Allow the flower to dry completely.
  • Then spray with water or Glimmer Mist.
  • This makes the paper more pliable and allows you to curl the edges of the roses.
  • NOTE: Instead of curling the petals under, you can also curl them into points (like a triangle) for a different looking rose.

  • Last, I added glossy accents to the edges and inside bud of the rose and sprinkled with clear glitter glass.  (Chunky clear glitter would also work.)

  • Ta Da!!  El fin!

Thanks for stopping by, I really hope this tutorial was helpful and fun.  Be sure to check back to see my 3D project using these paper roses.  Lots of love and hugs!


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Oh my goodness.... DIVINE ♥ love these .... thank you for an AWESOME tutorial!!
My name is Holly Moore as well lol, so it was weird coming across your blog... I love it it's gorgeous ☺