Thursday, March 25, 2010


My husband and I love that show "Pickers."

I'm sure that's what prompted the rummaging at our parent's houses this weekend.  That and my visit to the newly located scrap store in Payson.  They have a new button bowl which I had the pleasure of picking from.  See what I found.

Both doilies came from my favorite thrift stores; and look at the buttons I got from my mom.

I'm thinking of working on this photo for my blog header.  What do you think?

Wanna see my husband's pick?

Adorable right?  He put it above the cabinets in my kitchen.  You wanna know what I think is really funny?  The show "Hoarders" is right before "Pickers."  Are they trying to say something?  I think yes.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

OMG, I watch the hoarders show but pickers is not after that on my network but 'ghost stories' are. Love your choice and LOL at your hubbys. Tell my mom that I am coming over tonight to get my buttons!! Hugs, Jane

Rella said...

Oh I think this would make a beautiful blog header!! I love all the gorgeous buttons!!!!!

xox Rella