Monday, September 24, 2012

Rush - This mom's enemy

Nearly two months into this school routine, and I still die inside a little every morning I send my very first Kindergartener off on her bus.  I never realized what an adjustment it would be, for me!  Rushed, stressful, tearful mornings like today leave me feeling especially wretched.  The fear that I am falling short or downright failing sometimes torments me.

My thought pattern including self doubt needs some serious recalibration.  I'll just say it... healing.  But I know my battle is not against flesh and blood, and that my Father did not give me a spirit of fear, but of Power, Love and Self-control.  He picked me to be her momma for a good reason which I may not see, but for which I am forever grateful.  He is the Maker, the Author and the Finisher and I already have victory (including peace and wholeness - nothing missing, nothing broken) in His name.


Mary Brockway said...

Being a momma is some serious business!! It's not for the faint of heart, but for those strong enough to follow. It's truly amazing what God does in little and big ways for us mommas every day. Thanks for the transparency and words of encouragement you give me, my friend!! HUGS!!

The Shop Around the Corner said...

Oh Holly, I am all too acquainted with those feeling, and mine are now 23 and 19. To this day I still wrestle with what ifs, could'ves, and should'ves. Besides knowing that I am not alone in the company of many mamas around this world, I say Amen to your words. He has certainly not given us a spirit of fear, and His grace will always see us through each and every calling.

I stopped by today to thank you for your Halloween tag. I just received Kim's package and I'm simply giddy. Loved, loved, loved. Would sure like to know how you did the bottom fringe. The timing is perfect too. Again, God knows exactly when we need encouragement.
Am I the only one, or do you think we should nag Kim for a Christmas swap? ;) teehee

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