Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day Brooch Swap

I played for the first time at A Swap for All Seasons in the Mother's Day Brooch swap.  My wonderful partner, Mary, sent me the sweetest package and brooch.

She sent the package all wrapped up in the most gorgeous doily which she laced shut with ribbon.  Genius!  Then a super great tag that will be a perfect bookmark.  And even extras ~ a yummy soap that made the box of everything smell delicious, and a tiny bear measuring tape (adorable and oh so useful).

And inside that wonderful fabric covered, music lined box?  The most beautiful sachet and a Mother's Day Brooch that seems it was simply made for me.  :)

Here I am wearing it today.

Here is the package I sent to Mary.

She said she liked cameo pins, and I found a really interesting 3D cameo brooch for her.

Mary is a quilter so I made a pinwheel square and added an "M" applique and some lace.  I thought maybe she could add a hook to the back to hang it up and decorate it with more brooches, or have it on a table flat even.  Then I wrapped the whole thing in a color coordinated hankie.  I hope she liked her package.  I had such fun with this swap and having her as my partner.

Happy Mother's Day y'all!



I am so happy this Mother's Day was fun for us both. I just loved what I recv'd from you and will always treasure it. You are such a cutie and I just love seeing you wear your brooch. Your presentation of my gift was so beautiful thanks again and hope we can keep in touch. Hugs Mary

debi said...

Well Holly, you're a real cutie! And you look very pretty wearing your brooch, which does look just like it was made for you. Your gifts from Mary are beautiful!

And I love what you sent her, that little quilt is so pretty. What a creative way to present her brooch. I love the way you wrapped it.

Happy Mother's Day!
Hugs, Debi

Pam said...

Both brooches are lovely. I especially like your little presentation quiltie. What a wonderful idea for displaying vintage brooches.

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

You are so cute with your new brooche on!
What a unique swap! Looks like you both were great swap partners.

Linda said...

Holly, your post is delightful! I love the picture of you wearing your brooch- you are just adorable! Both you and Mary did such a beautiful job with your brooches and the amazing packaging! I love every detail.

Mary Lea said...

What pretty brooches...I agree with everyone look really cute with you new brooch on!!

mercedes scott said...

Your brooch and gifts from Mary were beautiful and thoughtful... and your brooch for her, along with the quilt square, were also wonderful! It seems like you two were a perfect match! Wasn't this a fun swap? :)

Terri said...

What a fab swap! I adore the broach you sent away. I have never seen one like that.
You look so sweet! I love your wall art behind you too!
Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog today.

How I got the script to continue?...I covered the domino and the back of the paper insert with the same script paper I had printed off on cream tissue paper.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Your brooch is beautiful!!!! And I love the way you packaged Mary's in a hankie...great idea!

I too couldn't stop admiring the wall art behind you....LOVE it!

Createology said...

Hi Holly. I have just come over from Terri Gordon's blog and I am liking what I see. You are very creative. I love your domino books. Happy creating...

eclectic archivist said...

Very cool!

Home and Heart said...

Just darling! It looks like it was a wonderful swap!! Your blog is lovely!!