Friday, December 04, 2009

Thanksgiving Treasure ~ A real life French vintage postcard!


I had the pleasure of spending the long Thanksgiving weekend at my parents house. I took some time (okay, quite a bit of time) to go through some old boxes of keepsake stuff from my dad's dad.

The stuff in there was a lot older than I expected. To quote myself, "This is like covered wagon days Dad!!"

Anyway, here is my favorite favorite! I was written to my great grandmother, Mamie, before she was married to my gg-pa in January 1909!!

I hope you enjoy it's beauty as much as I do. Wow my relatives left a legacy for me to find and I am so proud to have some of their treasures. Can't wait to share more of them with you!

Anyway, since Turkey Weekend, I have become obsessed with Vintage Postcards. That's why I am sitting here surfing and savoring at 45 til midnight when I promised myself to hit the hay at 10:15 PM. Ha!

I found a wonderful blog which does a Postcard Friendship Friday. I just happened upon it today, Friday, so I decided to play.



Lyneen said...

Beautiful postcard... I have been collecting for several years... going to antique stores. My FIL started me, he has thousands. I love just looking at them sometimes. GOOD LUCK in your collecting.

cathyb said...

Hi Holly,

I posted this reply on my blog to your questions but in case you didn't see it -

Thanks so much for the nice
words. I know - aren't these images beautiful. Well I always like to
give a fellow etsian a plug so here is the etsy site where I purchased these
collage images. What I did for my apron was I printed the images onto
fabric sheets that you can now purchase at any craft store (Walmart here in
Canada). Once printed I sewed the images into pockets et voila - Marie
Antoinette on an apron. Have a look at the Marie Antoinette tin I made -
it's on the right of my blog where I under "From my Studio" - really these
papers are precious. Here's the site.

Have fun and I would love
to see what you make once done!!!

Irene said...

Hi Holly: Thanks for stopping by, love your postcard and I'm happy to find a fellow scrapper.

BeNotForgot said...

Hi Holly :- Glad you found your way to PFF! I've been away for a while myself. What a treasure you have here -- and I love the name of your blog. I have very few "paper pieces" of my ancestors, so I do a lot of searching for postcards et al connected to places they have lived, etc. Vickie @benotforgot in Texas

Snap said...

Wonderful card, Holly! Welcome to PPF! Have fun!

Mary said...

Beautiful card. I have my great grandfather's card, too, and they are amazing! Happy PFF.

Marie Reed said...

Holly! Your blog is so shabbylicious! I just love it:) Welcome to PFF! I saw your comment about missing out on the theme:) There isn't a weekly theme! It's a postcard Friday free for all. Well it actually seems to start on Thursday night because I'm in France and there"s a time change. This is such a soft and dreamy card. You are such a lucky duck to have such a breathtaking heirloom!

steviewren said...

I think it is such a treasure to have pieces of your grandparents written preserved in their correspondence with one another. I love PPF fridays. You will too.

dakotaboo said...

Great blog Holly. Really nice postcards - thanks for sharing.