Friday, June 19, 2009

Laugh with Me, Cry with Me

Tessa is all about her "twoness" lately.

LAUGH~ This morning I was picking up for an event at my house tonight. (I'm hosting a card swap first. Where everyone brings ten of the same handmade card then we swap. Then a tag swap afterwards. Where we actually sit and make different tags with our scraps then swap.) Anyway, I turn around from the wiping off the kitchen table when Tessa says, "Uh oh."

Now I use those two little words quite frequently myself, and I don't know about you, but when I hear them from the mouth of a two year old they strike fear and dread and that icky feeling in the pit of my stomach. :)

As I round the corner of Jason's easy chair, I see she has Izzy's leftover bottle from last night. And then my eyes span the destruction. Da, dun, dun (omminous music sound). Tessa had put her fist in the bottom of the collapsible liner bottle and sprayed the carpet, the couch, the leather chair and her 9 month old sister with a fine mist of sticky, day old formula. Oh joy. Izzy is grinning from ear to ear licking her chops and blinking like a doe with dew on her eyelashes.

So Izzy goes in the swing, Tessa goes in the corner and I get out the Nature's Miracle spot cleaner and odor remover and begin to scrub the carpet, the couch, the chair, and the sister (with water for now).

CRY ~ I get up off my hands and knees, satisfied with myself for the clean-ness, for keeping my cool and just shaking my head at the whole thing. I turn to the sink to wash my hands off and see Tessa with the bottle of Nature's Miracle pointed directly at her poor, defensless sister in the swing.

"Nooooooooooooo Tessa! Put it doooooooooown!" I shout to no avail. By the time I hurdle the play stroller, the piggy bank, the box of blocks and the dog, Isabella is now misted head to toe once again. This time with cleaner, and my eyes are misted with that anger that makes you cry.

Oh to be two again...


Jen said...

how only because i've been there. caught jacob spraying the dog with windex...and the dog was catching it in his mouth. he has also drawn with black marker, on his sister.

Mary Brockway said...

I laughed, I cried...but mostly I laughed! We've all been there sister!!! Me more often than most, I bet, lol!!!