Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Came LOVE

This is the first two page set in the album I did for my parents 35th Anniversary. How did I get the old pictures you ask? When my parents moved into their brand new house (that my Dad built) in Payson, I convinced them to give me all their old boxes of pictures; that I really wanted to "look" at them. Hee hee hee sneaky and devious right? Oh sure, that's totally me. Right. ;)

Anyway, that was back in November and I just completed the album (almost*) and gave it to them June 12th.

I took the original photos, many of them Polaroids, then I scanned, computer enhanced, and reprinted them.

These are my parents graduation photos. The LOVE note was on the back of my Dad's picture to my mom. I love having that bit of journaling in his own handwriting. I stapled a layer of printed see through acetate (with the pink flowers) over the top for dimension. I recycled it from the front cover of a Making Memories journal stack set I got from Michael's.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for a fantastic Card Making tutorial.

*The last two-page layout needed embellishments, and the final page was...well...missing. :) I tried.

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Laura said...

Looks GREAT Holly!!! I'm always impressed by you!!!