Saturday, July 07, 2012

Fabric = happy

I have come to realize how much working with fabric makes me happy.  Especially smaller projects where I can curl up on the couch and hand-sew details while hanging out at night with my hubby.

This is my most recent happy fabric project, a Folded Cloth Heart. 

The center is stuffed like a pillow.  I used a faded sort of "shadow" image of Marie Antoinette.  She's there, but just barely. 

Here is a closer view of the barely there Marie.

On the outside of the heart I used a corner of a vintage tablecloth over turquoise satin. 

Then made a little tattered rosette and bows to add at the bottom of the pearl hanger.

I made this heart for Thespoena in my Marie Antoinette Mail Art swap group.  The group has totally cultivated my "fabric = happy" gene.  It's such a wonderful creative outlet and the projects these ladies come up with are totally inspiring.


HI! I'm Tabitha said...

its sooo pretty...

Dorthe said...

Holly, it is a beauty, I love the turquise tone with the old laces and beautiful pearls.

elli said...

Máte velmi velmi krásné a půvabné výtvory na svém blogu!!je to přesně styl, který miluji! obdivuji vaši zručnost a fantazii!Ať se vám daří!

Mary Brockway said...

Omgoodness, my friend!!! It's truly lovely. You do have a talent for the fabric!!! xx

Ellen said...

Hi Holly, this is made so wonderfully. It's breathtaking!
I already look forward to your next project.

Hugs and have a nice weekend,

June Nelson said...

Wow you do dsome amazing work, these are beautiful, I love that style, I would have a houseful, just stunning xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

misteejay said...

What a delightful piece - so pretty.

Toni xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly
this is beautiful, you have an AMAZING talent.
Sandra (craftynan)

Ineke Original said...

Wonderful! Just love it!


How pretty Holly. Thanks for stopping by to say hello.


Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi Holly, It's gorgeous. I love it!
Have a great week :-)!

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Holly!
Thanks for visiting my blog! OH MY GOODNESS I love the heart! Just gorgeous and something really unique and special! Hope you're having a great week.

vikki said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love this heart, I love all things heart related. I think I am just a romanic.