Thursday, January 19, 2012

You know you're a mother when... (Roses and Thorns)

You know you're a mother when...
  • You (indulgently) spoon feed a sick princess chicken soup, so she can give Mickey Mouse her undivided attention.
  • You pour your luke-warm, okay face it... cold, chicken soup into a tall, clear drinking glass to gulp down on your drive to the dentist.  (Hey, at least you brushed and flossed this morning, right? Yes, pretty sure, you think, running your tongue over your teeth between chugs of noodles.)
  • The second your head touches your pillow, the princess' creeps off hers and you realize its tomorrow already.
  • You sit in a steaming bathroom peering by nightlight into the face of an angel who keeps catching you looking and through her weariness smiles at you every time which makes your heart flutter.
  • In between feeling sorry for your boo, and blissfully enjoying the cuddling, you wonder... does this sauna-like room count as exercise?  Did I remember deodorant this morning?
  • You let said sick princess crawl into your bed and listen to her breathe for a few hours.
  • You give up your pillow-top mattress for the carpet next to princess' bed and you're sure she is breathing better in her humidified, cherry menthol smelling room.
Some times there are thorns...

But oh the Roses.


Mary Brockway said...

I got the goosebumps!! Love your take on mommyhood and I LOVE the pics of your AMAZING roses! Love. Hugs to your precious little pretty girls and one for you, too!

debi said...

Oh Holly, I got teary-eyed reading your post. How lovely. I hope your little princess will soon be feeling better.
Your photos are beautiful!

Unknown said...

Hi Holly,
Glad you came by..I'm now following you. I too love flowers, and all thigns crafty..I dont post much on what I make but now that I'm now working I might..I too have a Hot Rhodder hubby...we have a 1934 3 window ford coupe..we are at the car show's all the time..Love your post and that Valentine you made is beautiful..
Maybe you will follow me..other than being a mom (I'm a wonderful aunt!LOL) we have lots in common..

fairyrocks said...

Beautiful post.
Hope the little one is on the mend.

Terri said...

Oh sweetie! I know exactly what you are speaking of, and I pray your dear little one feels better very soon. And, that mommy gets some rest!
Hugs to you both,