Monday, August 31, 2009

Somewhere over the...

Double Rainbow. Way up high... (in Payson).

Odd that for as long as I can remember, it rains on my birthday. Does that make me sad, well, heck no! It feels like a right of passage or something for this Arizona girl. Like a refreshing little God wink. When the rain reminds me, I always have to tell the story of a slumber party in Holbrook when it rained like crazy. Me and my tween friends ran through the wet neighborhood streets collecting 74 frogs and 1 salamander even in a 5 gallon bucket. That musta been before the days of "Ewwww! Yuck!!!" :) Anyhow, it rained while I was partying and scrapbooking away in Payson for my 29th birthday this year.

I caught these pics of a stunning FULL double rainbow while we were eating at Macky's. 'Nuther God wink from up above. (By the way God Winks by SQuire Rushnell is an excellent read. Can you tell it has really stuck with me?) Love and hugs y'all.


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