Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"Owl"ways & 4 ever

My sister in law's fascination with owls for my cute little nephew, Killian, has carried over into my style. I love owls! That's why I had to highlight the owl decor in my parents first house.

There is a lot to talk about on these two pages, so I'll just start right in.

First notice ~ I 'heart' Thickers for titles. They have to be just the best line of alphabet stickers created IMHO. These are vinyl ones, so 70's right?

Then... notice the paper pieced owl. I have to admit, I didn't design this cutie myself, but I made it grand. (I think anyway.) I found it on a project in the gallery of my favorite online scrapbooking store: A Cherry on Top The special parts are the eyes and the breast of the bird. I made my own patterned paper using the image of the yellow and orange mushroom contact paper on the cabinet in my mom's first kitchen. Then all the layers are pop-dotted (poofy dots I call 'em) to make it come alive in 3D.

Next... I used song lyrics that had been bouncing around in my head for a while as the journaling. "Oh put a record on, and play my favorite song. Oh baby just let your hair hang down." Something like that anyway, they fit perfectly with these pictures. (There is a record player behind my dad, and my mom's hair was so so so long.)

The writing on the back of the roses picture said 1st anniversary. ;) So special. I love the old chair and the crazy poster in the background. My mom had that owl cookie jar for the longest time. I remember it when I was a tween at least. There is also an owl hanging thing decorating the wall. I zoomed these and printed them as extra embellishments. How cute, my mom in the kitchen. She still has that blender and those measuring spoons hanging on the wall. Goes to show, they don't make stuff like they used to...

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